Analysis Tools.

Use the following to determine the veracity of website content and its value in being used as a source for research purposes.

Evaluating Web Sites Chart

Evaluator's role:

____Content ___Authority/Credibility ___Bias/Purpose ___Usability/Design

Site name and URL Strengths Weaknesses Rank
Site #1_________________


Site #2_________________


Site #3_________________


In one or two sentences, defend your choice for the #1 site related to the criteria you were assigned:



  • Each student in the group should complete his/her own organizer through the perspective they are assigned.
  • As you examine each site, record any relevant information in your chart/organizer. Begin to rank the sites 1 through 3, with 1 being the best.
  • Each group should select a recorder to take notes on group discussion and a discussion leader, whose job it will be to make sure each member gets a chance to contribute and to lead the group toward reaching a consensus about the best and worst sites.
  • Be prepared to discuss/compare your group's findings and rankings with the rest of the class during the class discussion period.