For this assignment, students will review several websites discussing the topic of cloning in relation to the project Hello Dolly, a web quest where students are assigned a specific perspective from which to support or attack legislation on cloning. This web quest is part of a larger curriculum web based around the novel Brave New World, located here.

Before beginning this web quest, students must first understand and critically analyze websites to determine if they are appropriate for use as resources/artifacts.  This activity will allow students to practice evaluating websites using the four categories of content, authority/credibility, bias/purpose, and usability/design.

This project includes:
            1.  Critical Information lesson plan.
            2.  List of resources used by students in lesson.
            3.  Discussion of chosen websites.
            4.  Sources discussing chosen websites.
            5.  Student rubric for analyzing websites.
            6.  Role Chart describing lenses.